Swiss Talent Forum 2016

Big Ideas for Big Data

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About STF

The Swiss Talent Forum (STF) is an exciting event organised by the foundation “Swiss Youth in Science”, an independent non-profit organisation, which is not tied by religious or political doctrine. It is officially recognised and supervised by the Swiss federal government. “Swiss Youth in Science” aimes to promoting the best talents from Switzerland and the whole of Europe. At the Forum, talented and motivated young adults will discuss with high-profile personalities from business, science, society and politics the pressing issues of our time and will work together with a view to developing new solutions.


  • 5 exciting days
  • 70 motivated young people
  • 1000 new ideas
  • Countless new insights


The official language during the forum is English.

Big Data

BIG DATA is a buzzword that we encounter regularly in the news. Organisations, governments and companies collect a vast amount of data from all the devices and services we use every day. Every interaction with a connected device, be it a smartphone, a credit card or a surveillance camera is a data point that can be harvested, combined and analysed. Meanwhile, more and more connected sensors and gadgets are being added to our environment.


All this data is potentially valuable and interesting, because it allows governments, health providers, corporations and organisations to better tailor their offers to individuals and target groups. The opportunities of open data for future entrepreneurs, for instance, are significant.


But as we stood at the beginning of an exciting journey with «Big Data», there were also many questions: Under which governance should the collection and use of data be allowed? How can corporations and governments protect our privacy? What happens when data is exposed that should not be? Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) of the data? What will Big Data allow us to achieve in combination with novel technologies? What new services and products in different industries will be created thanks to Big Data?



Big Data and Farming

Questions and Problems



How can big data impact the future of sustainable farming? What method, tool, instrument or software will change the way farming is done in 10 years? 

Our Solution: Cognesis - Harvesting Knowledge


A community-governed platform, collecting massive amounts of data from farms, giving back statistics and advice to the farmers to optimize their in- and output in a sustainable way.


In 10 years, the presence of gadgets and sensors on the field, collecting local data, will be the standard.


Our software spans a net between each farm and continuously grows. The combined data makes it easier for farmers to improve the efficiency in crop choice, pest control or fertilizing in a sustainable way.


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